Whatsapp Group Warriors.The various ego states in any WhatsApp group

In every professional or even personal WhatsApp group, you’ll encounter an array of personalities similar to Transaction Analysis.
Let us look at it in a lighter vein: the various ego states in any WhatsApp group.
1. Mentor: Admins are the ‘Mentors,’ guiding discussions with wisdom, saying, ‘Let’s follow the guidelines, team.
2. Specialist: The ‘Specialists’ are the go-to experts. They always want to show their intellectual superiority.
3. Analyst: Meet the ‘Analyst,’ constantly diving deep into data and stats, like a detective solving a case.
4. Adaptive Follower: These members mirror the admins, saying ‘Absolutely agree!’ at every turn.
5. Debater: The ‘Debaters’ turn any topic under the sky into a discussion
6. Compulsive Poster: Meet the ‘Compulsive Poster,’ who can’t resist sharing every (ir)relevant article, document, and update, keeping us well-informed (sometimes overwhelmingly).
7. Critique: Always offering constructive criticism, the ‘Critique’ ensures every proposal is airtight.
8. Silent Observer: Ah, the ‘Silent Observers,’ lurking in the background, absorbing knowledge, and contributing when needed.
9. Ghost Child: The ‘Ghost Child’ is a special breed of silence, like a ghost in the group, never seen, never heard
10. Emoji Enthusiast: The ‘Emoji Enthusiast’ peppers every message with expressive emojis, adding a touch of humor and warmth to the group’s discussions.

Each member plays a vital role in this professional arena, whether the mentor, the specialist, or the ever-watchful observer striving for excellence in their field.
Happy Weekend folks

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